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You can't be added directly to this page because it stays partly outside the myspace system. If you where added from one of the old pages that where deleted you are allready added. If you want this page to be on your friends list you must send an add request to the secret transfer page this page communicates with at myspace. Just go here and send an add request from this page. If you are added on the page you will also be added at this page when the system is compleated. If you want to be added at this page without beeing visible on myspace just send a mail to and we will add you manually. If you are member of other social nettworks than myspace, just send a mail to with the URL to your page on the other network and we will add you to this page.



This player should play all the songs in order,
unless you stop the player or click off the page.
Click twice on a player button for activating it the first time.

FMP256 Flash Music Playhead

To listen you must install Flash Player. Visit Draftlight Networks for more info.